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December 18, 2009

Of Matthew Good and Zombies

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I’m visiting family in Newmarket for the next two weeks. I haven’t had an honest break since last Christmas, so I’m looking forward to keeping a more relaxed schedule for a bit. It’s doubly welcome since next semester will absolutely teem with activities.

This weekend is my birthday — December 20 to be exact. I don’t usually do very much for my birthdays, but this year is an exception. Tomorrow I’m going to see Matthew Good at Massey Hall in Toronto. Jenna was good enough to buy us tickets, and she promises to treat me to dinner as well. I saw Matt Good in concert while attending Queen’s University, in 2005, and was quite impressed with the performance. It was at a little nightclub, “Stages” if you’re familiar with Kingston, so I’m excited to hear him play a nicer venue.

On Sunday some of my old friends will drive into Newmarket for a rousing game of zombie pen and paper roleplaying. That’s right: zombie roleplaying. I’m starting a campaign using the Call of Cthulhu rule system. My friends will play outdoor enthusiasts that have been documenting their attempt at living a primitive existence in isolated northern Ontario. Unfortunately for my friends, I’ve been reading Garth Ennis‘s comic series Crossed, which is the most twisted take on the zombie genre that I’ve ever come across. It’s also completely awesome. In any event, I have high hopes for this game and may post a summary of it later.


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