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November 29, 2010

Stupid Ann Applebaum is stupid

Filed under: Politics — cfranc @ 12:46 pm

More on Wikileaks, from Slate. Here’s a quotation:

The cables “reveal,” among other things, that the United States is (surprise!) lobbying others to organize sanctions against Iran, that South Korean diplomats have discussed what would happen if North Korea collapses, that U.S. diplomats have been bribing other countries to accept ex-prisoners from Guantanamo Bay. (I suppose it is “news” that the United States spies on the United Nations, but forgive me if I am not as horrified as I should be.) Germany’s Der Spiegel concludes, furiously, that the United States “seeks to safeguard its influence around the world.” I’d be a lot more worried if the opposite were true.

She asks us to forgive her that she is not horrified that the US orders its diplomats to spy on the UN. My reply: no, you are not forgiven for your apologetics.


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