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April 19, 2011

Thesis submitted

Filed under: Math — cfranc @ 10:29 am

I’ve just returned from handing in my thesis. It took about a week to gather all the “necessary” signatures, and then five minutes to turn the damn thing in. Thankfully it’s finished!

I also finish grading exams this morning. Now all I need to do is perform my duties as “exam viewer” once the grading is finished, defend my thesis, and then I’m a free man! Well, at least until I start my new job as Postdoc at UC, Santa Cruz. We’re still at negative degrees here in Montreal, so I’m looking forward to the warmer climate.

Tomorrow I head to Ithaca to see Jenna for the first time in around two months. I’ll be travelling quite a bit in the next while (between New York, Ithaca, Montreal, Toronto and also a week-long jaunt to Ann Arbor for the Workshop on L-functions, Galois Representations and Iwasawa theory), but life should calm down a bit now that the thesis demon is no longer lurking over my shoulder. Hopefully I’ll find time to blog a bit more than has recently been typical.


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