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March 3, 2011

The megalomania of Stephen Harper

Filed under: Politics — cfranc @ 6:42 pm

I get both the Toronto Star and the Onion in my RSS feed. When I first came across this article, titled “Tories rebrand ‘Government of Canada’ as ‘Harper Government’” I chuckled and moved on, thinking that it was another zinger from the Onion. Then I remembered that the Onion is an American institution and realized that this is honest news from the Star!

This outrageous partisan branding is completely unacceptable. It’s the Government of Canada, not Stephen Harper’s personal playground. Let’s get this crook outta there already.


March 1, 2011

Hitler learns topology

Filed under: Math, Random — cfranc @ 11:05 am

This clip breathes new life into a meme that has been beaten to death: Hitler learns topology. When he learns that an open set can also be closed, he erupts into his usual angry tirade, but this time he rails against topology. I’d hate to see his reaction to the p-adic topology. (Note: This video contains coarse language and may not be suitable for some viewers. Possibly NSFW)

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